Testimonials - here's what you say about Find-dvd!




Here’s what you had to say about Find-dvd!


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"Just a quick line to say thank you for your excellent site.  I have been using it for well over a year now, mainly for DVD boxsets and I reckon you've saved me a small fortune.  The 'Price Watch' facility is a gem." - John
"This website is amazing, I can find any DVD I want for the cheapest prices ever - it helps you save lots of money which I am thankful for! Thank you very much for your service; I go on this website at least once a day because I just love looking for DVD's. It's great." - Lucy
"Omg! I Don’t Believe it this website is awesome, I’ve been on loads of sites including Amazon and play.com but this site is just outstandingly amazing, it compares loads of different sites for the lowest price possible." - Christopher
"Hi, just wanted to congratulate you on a great website.  I have used your price comparisons for many years now and have probably saved a small fortune on thousands of dvds I have orded. (Region 1 & 2). I have recommended you to many people and hope you are around for many more years!" - Jason Woolley
"If this place was a tv show it would win an Oscar I recommend every one in the world go to this website." - Dale Corbett 
"I've been looking everywhere for a good deal on 'Saw' and then I found this great site with the first four films of 'Saw' in a box set for just £15 - Fantastic! After that I thought hmm... I wonder what other films this site has; and I have found loads more brilliant deals for films and box sets. So if you’re looking for great deals visit this site and enjoy a good film for a better price!" - David Nelmes
"This website makes life a LOT easier, now I can send gifts to my loved ones in the UK very fast for the best price - keep up the good work, I’m very grateful!" - Victoria Brown)
"Brilliant prices and good DVDs. When I was 10 I started buying DVDs from this website and I told everyone about it and now they all use it too. " - Ciara McEvoy)
"This is the first time I have ordered from this site. I found what I was looking for, it was fast and ordering was simple. I was very suprised to be offered free next day delivey. I will be using this site again for sure." 
"I found this site by accident and was so glad I did, it is brilliant and saves me a lot of time."
"This site saves me so much time, excellent!"
"...this website is great as it finds the cheapest DVD prices ."
"This website is incredibly easy to use"
“Hi. I just wanted to say that it’s great that you’ve introduced an iPhone page so it’s easier to view your site on the iPhone.”
“What a wonderful site, I’m very careful with my money and this site always comes out on top when I do DVD and games searches. I would highly recommend using it, as I always do, to check prices and make purchases.”
“I found this website very useful, it saved me a lot of money over Christmas.”
“Very Easy to use - thanks!”
“I will definitely use this site again, you have lots of choice and it’s so cheap!”
“I like that I can now view past articles, good idea” 
“...the reviews always help me to find a film that I will like...”
"Congratulations on a fantastic website. I use it nearly everyday and always recommend it to other people.”
"Very Nice Site"
"I love your DVD Price Alert, what a money saver - thanks ever so much for your website."